Jeanine Romo

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Name: Jeanine Romo

Age: 22

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: 115

Model Industry: Sports/Fitness, Beauty, Lifestyle, Print

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Favorite Workout: Running

Calories Per Day Consumed (Average): 2000

TheSBON sat down with fitness model, designer, runner and yoga junkie Jeanine Romo. During this interview, Jeanine gave us insight into how she keeps fit, as well as interesting tid-bits about herself. Read on to learn more about Jeanine.

TheSBON: So tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from, how old are you, what are your interests?

Jeanine: I’m 22, I grew up in L.A. I studied fashion design in school. I model part time. I just got signed with a sports/fitness agency, so I’m focusing on that now. I used to swim in high school, now I run to keep in shape. I like doing yoga

TheSBON: You were on the swim team, or you did recreational?

Jeanine: Swim team. I love swimming. My mom had me in the pool as a baby all the time. She enrolled me in mommy and me swim classes when I was 6 months old.

TheSBON: So you said you’re a runner & you do yoga now – could you go over a typical week’s workout schedule? Many of our readers are trying to lose weight and would love to know how to get a body like yours.

Jeanine: When I’m good Ill run at least 2-3 miles a day, do a little aerobics and yoga also (like 30 minutes every other day). I like working out to Jillian Michaels DVDs. She’s awesome. She really gives you a great workout.

TheSBON: Do you take the weekends off, or do you workout then, too?

Jeanine: It depends on the weekend, if I have a long shoot that day it’s hard to get a good workout in. I try to run more but do less aerobics and yoga. I try to do some weight just to keep my arms toned. I love California. There’s no excuse not to work out with our awesome weather.

TheSBON: What type of yoga do you like?

Jeanine: I just do the regular type of yoga, I’m not super flexible. I have video on demand on my cable and the workout videos are free to watch, so I always change it up.

TheSBON: Do you do any dancing?

Jeanine: I don’t dance much, but I like to try to dance salsa. It looks so pretty watching other people dance

TheSBON: When you say you lift weights to keep your arms toned, what type of arm workouts?

Jeanine: Curls, mostly, but with light weights.

TheSBON: With free weights or on the machines?

Jeanine: I’ll switch between 3’s and 5’s free weights for the most part. Unless I have access to a gym [then] I’ll use the machines. Buying a pair of free weight is super cheap and you can take them anywhere. I watch TV and do weights. I’m always trying to multi task. A lot of people think that they don’t have enough time in the day to work out but you can always do more that one thing at a time.

TheSBON: Do you do any running races? Ever done a 5k or a triathlon?

Jeanine: I haven’t ran a race since high school, but I’m training for next year’s L.A. marathon.

TheSBON: I’m looking at your pictures and really like how white your teeth are. Do you do anything special for them?

Jeanine: No, I just brush often. I used to drink a lot of milk. I used crest white strips a long time ago, but other than that I just take care of my teeth.

TheSBON: The marathon will be a challenge.

Jeanine: Yes, marathons are tough. I’m not a long distance person, so it’ll be a challenge

TheSBON: And what is your ethnic background?

Jeanine: I’m Mexican

TheSBON: Where do you feel you get your inspiration in life? You seem to take charge and have initiative.

Jeanine: I think I get it from music. I love listening to lyrics and applying it to my life.

TheSBON: What’s your favorite type of music? Or favorite artist?

Jeanine: Songwriters are like poets. I listen to different types of rock. I love Incubus, AFI, Thursday, The Used, My Chemical Romance.

TheSBON: So, do you run outdoors or on a treadmill?

Jeanine: Outdoors. I like feeling like I’m running to somewhere

TheSBON: Yeah – so many great trails to explore.

Jeanine: I used to run on the treadmill, but I got bored just running in place.

TheSBON: Do you take an iPod with you?

Jeanine: Yes!

TheSBON: So what does your diet look like? Do you feel you can cheat since you run so much?

Jeanine: I usually eat a breakfast muffin for breakfast, a veggie burrito or a sandwich for lunch and pasta- or salmon-type dish for dinner. I love eating frozen yogurt though.

TheSBON: Do you care for snacks throughout the day?

Jeanine: I think it’s ok to splurge when you work out.

TheSBON: Or do you stick to a strict 3 meal a day program?

Jeanine: Yes, I have 1 or 2 fruit servings and maybe like a granola bar or something. Things change every once in a while and it’s ok to have a cake at your BFF’s birthday party, but I know I can’t have cake everyday.

TheSBON: Depends on how many best friends you have, I guess.

Jeanine: I just don’t feel like working out when I’m stuffed.

TheSBON: Is the rest of your family in really good health? Do you have siblings? Do they work out too?

Jeanine: My 3 little brothers are naturally skinny, those kids can eat anything. I’m jealous… I grew out of that a long time ago. I run with my dad on the weekends, though.

TheSBON: Awesome. That’s nice to hear. What else do you fill your weekends with – when you aren’t out with dad or at a photoshoot?

Jeanine: He’s trying to get in shape so we can run the marathon together

TheSBON: You’ll have to let us know if you kick his butt or not.

Jeanine: I have been spending more time working on designs.

TheSBON: On your weekends?

Jeanine: I just got a new sewing machine so I’ve been working on more clothes lately. Yeah, I’m not a big party person. I’d rather spend time doing something productive.

TheSBON: You’ll have to send some pictures of your patterns or designs so we can show them off.

Jeanine: I like to read, too. Yes, for sure. I recently did a photoshoot for this collection I made. We shot in downtown.

TheSBON: What have you been reading lately?

Jeanine: I’ve been reading a business management book

TheSBON: We saw the Top Hat by you – I’m assuming you made it?

Jeanine: Yes, I did.

TheSBON: Very cool!

Jeanine: I don’t have anywhere to wear it though.

TheSBON: You’ll have to find a fancy 1920s ball to go to.

Jeanine: I’ll have to fix my time machine first.

TheSBON: What type of books have you been reading? What are your favorites?

Jeanine: I like reading fiction. My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. I just reread it not too long ago.

TheSBON: Have you read the new Twilight books?

Jeanine: I liked reading Harry Potter at first, but then the movies came out and I got a little lazy. It’s so much more exciting see it. No, I’m not fan [of the Twilight series]. I think I need to channel my inner 13-year-old girl.

TheSBON: Haha. Well, thank you so much Jeanine. I’m glad you’ve shared so much about yourself with us. Any advice to other girls interested in starting modeling?

Jeanine: I think they should be careful when meeting people for the first time. You can’t just trust everyone.

TheSBON: That is very true – LA is a land of opportunity, but also scary if you don’t know how to perceive others!

Jeanine: Yes, it is, but you should follow your heart. Networking is great, but you just need to be careful.

TheSBON: Good luck in your own career in modeling & the fashion designs.

Jeanine: Thank you so much.

Photos: Cover photo by Kazuya Kimura. In article: 1. James Boyle, 2. Jeanine Romo with Martha Espinoza, by Christopher Malcom, 3. James Boyle, 4. James Boyle, 5. James Boyle

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  1. Great photos and great article! Very inspiring!

    I have photographed Jeanine and worked with her twice, she’s a pleasure to work with and a natural beauty!

  2. I love Salmon, its healthy and slimming food. I have been looking for better ways to prepare this dish for a while. These days I make sure that the Fish that I buy is from sustainable fishing sources. Not mentioning Japanese food made with raw Salmon.

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